Friday, March 20, 2009

Cha- Cha- Change

Today is the first day of spring, for those of you who were not aware. So throw off your winter cocoon and go play in the sun. My plans for the weekend are:
1. Laundry…it is crucial to my sanity that I have clean clothes again.
2. Go to the park and paint outside with two very sweet people.
3. Check out a duplex in Franklin (Franklin, TN is one of the best towns in America. If you don’t know about Franklin, Google it.)

That’s right, we are thinking about heading to the outskirts of Nashville. The apartment complex in which we currently live is raising our rent again, and for the same price we could live in the cutest little downtown in Tennessee. I am fairly certain that I’m part gypsy and so my soul prefers to wander. One of the symptoms of wandering is my love for change. Changing my hairstyle, the set-up of the living room, my clothes at least three times a day (which my mom tells me started at a very young age), and to bigger things as well – such as changing where I live. I think I would be happy bouncing from house to house for the rest of my life.

When my brother, my sisters, and I were younger we moved around quite a bit. We went through an entire year of constant moving, actually. (Eight houses total that year) My parents were not as excited about the adventure as the four of us kids were, but we really had a blast. I think that has somewhat molded me for life, and I still crave the adventure that living in a new place brings. Although that wandering soul might change as I get older and become comforted by routine, I’m also certain that while I am living in this place, on this finite earth, I will not be truly at home.

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