Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Where did April go?

Well - for heaven's sake, we're halfway through April and I am just now posting the first blog of the month. Does this point to a lack of focus? Surely not.

Though I have slacked on my duties to the blog, I have been quite focused and motivated to get some artwork done in time for the Art Festival this weekend (eep!). So things have been a little hectic around the apartment... and my car... and work. Not to mention getting ready to move (which has only been mentally hectic, no physical actions have been taken as of yet) and some surprise back pain which made nearly all physical activity impossible. That was fun. (Turns out I have scoliosis, with a couple vertebrae trying to twist around backwards that must have pinched a nerve cluster or something…very exciting stuff.) I did get a lot of time to read, though. And I even tried painting from the lying down position - like my good friend, Michelangelo. He must have had much larger biceps than I. My arms were getting very tired after the second canvas. But, all that lying down time did help my creative juices, surprisingly, and I’ve done some artwork that I’m pretty proud of this week. Since I currently do not have a digital camera, I can’t post any pictures of the newest pieces. Maybe I can find a friend with a nice camera to get some fun pictures of my work and the art festival this weekend and I’ll hopefully be able to post about that next week.

Now that I’m back on my feet (literally) I have a feeling that in the next few days things are going to get very artsy around here.

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The Hagens said...

sorry about ur back issues of late!!! praying 4 u in that. glad art show stuff is coming together, can't wait to see some of them. see u in a month or so! :)