Thursday, July 23, 2009

25 Things That Make Me Smile - the sequal

In January, I had a post about things I was loving at the moment, titled 25 Things That Make Me Smile. Since being more grateful is something I think we should all strive towards...I've decided to make my 25 things list bi-annual. So, without further ado, here ya go.

  • The way fingers smell when they're finished peeling an orange
  • Seeing wind - in pine trees and in big puddles
  • "Going shopping" without spending the money. via Polyvore
  • The mood and energy burst I get every spring
  • Shoes...oh, shoes
  • Sticking to a budget. It sounds crazy, I know - but it feels so good
  • Rice and beans, which coinsidentally helps out with the previous bullet point
  • My new food processor
  • Having wonderful co-workers
  • Finally figuring out Twitter (you can follow me @stephaniehagen)
  • Selling my first painting to NEW YORK CITY!
  • A husband who is fun. Really, fun is a big deal.
  • The new album, "Old Time Speaker" by Bronze Radio Return "Digital Love" is great
  • The fact that my giant bean-bag fits perfectly in the bed of our truck. Perfect Drive-in theater experience
  • The wholly perfect, purposeful plan of God
  • Seeing an idea I had being carried out by others successfully, gives me hope for my own idea
  • All my dear, dear friends who are pregnant with healthy babies (currently, 9 friends are carrying, and one is carrying twins. Ridiculous, no?)
  • Trying my hand at writing lyrics. It's a whole other animal than writing poetry
  • Homemade guacamole. Can't get enough. Although, avocados are $1.08 a piece. That does not make me smile
  • Living in a super-friendly neighborhood sandwiched by two amazing families
  • Slow months at work (thank heavens for slow phone days)
  • Anything feminine in fashion - bows, ribbon, pleating, florals. - I'm hooked on cutesy
  • Hillsboro Village in Nashville. It's a magical place
  • Planning my first monthly craft night. I'm thinking of calling it "crafternoon delight"
  • People who comment on my blog and list a few of the things that are making them smile today :)

Smile, friends. Life is better when we're adding to the beauty.

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lillian said...

oddly, i am so thankful for two sets of neighbors as well...

two things that made me happy today:
-seeing my kids in nature and loving it (though i am not an "outside girl," i want them to be!

-meeting people who knew my husband before i did, and who are still impacted by him!