Thursday, June 4, 2009


We are officially back from our summer vacation/family reunion. It was a wonderful time. Really - really wonderful. Dave's brother and his family have been in the Philippines for nearly 4 years, and they were able to come back home for a while. It was so great to catch up with all of them, and see all of our neices and nephews together for the first time.

We were sad to leave the family again, but we hope to see them several more times before they head back overseas next January. Here are a few pictures from vacation.

This picture of Dave and me was taken at a water show in Branson, MO...which is just really amazing fountains with lights and fire and stuff. Pretty neat, I thought.

The resort where we stayed had some really amazing outdoor activities. Paddle boating was definitely something the kiddos wanted to try.

This is the whole Hagen gang.

It was so great to get to see our neices and nephews again. Starting on the top left and going clockwise, these cuties are Zach, Mikayla, Ben (all three Dave's brother's kids), Sydney, and Abby (Dave's sister's girls).

The resort was beautiful. Lots of beautiful landscaping.

This was our last day at the resort. We had a blast with the Hagens.

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The Hagens said...

had so much fun with u guys! miss u already. love the pic of dave tip toeing across the water with his pants rolled up :)