Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Giving Thanks

In the early hours of the morning today (1:09 to be precise) I got a phone call that my family was finally here! They had been traveling all day from their homes in Missouri to my apartment here in Nashville. My parents, my brother and his girlfriend, my two little sisters, and my surrogate sisters – two girls my age that my family has become very close with over the past couple of years – all piled into my apartment finding places on the floor in between musical instruments and easels and fireplaces and coffee tables. Although I’m sure they were not comfortable there, I was so glad to have them all in my humble home.

Because tomorrow is Thanksgiving, I thought now was the perfect time to give thanks for my wonderful, wonderful family who sacrificed money and time to come visit us here. As has been apparent in the short time I’ve had this blog, family is very important to me. Having them all here means so much to me – this will be my first holiday as the “host” and I couldn’t be more excited. I hope to take thousands of pictures while everyone is here to share some of the holiday love with the blogging world.

From one cozy family to another- Happy Thanksgiving!

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