Friday, June 18, 2010


Driving home on Wednesday, I was in my very first real-life car accident. I came over the top of the hill and CRUNCH. There was a guy stopped at the top of the hill. And I tried to tuck my little car into his trunk.

This was the only picture I could grab before they towed it off. The good news is, we expected my car to quit in the very near future anyway. (Read THIS post for more about that.) The bad news is, we hadn't actually done anything about that. So... I'm hitching rides for a bit.

Thinking about the next step is so beyond Dave and I right now. We can't afford a used car by paying cash, and we've never been "car payment people." Which actually is code for: we've never been "working vehicle people." Trying to trust that God will provide for us in some crazy unexpected way, like he always does. You'd think that with so much experience in that area, we'd be experts.

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