Thursday, June 24, 2010

I Can Do This, I Can Do This...

It is TWO DAYS until the NashVegas Craft Fair and my living room is a disaster. I have piles of unfinished journals, finished journals, paintings, unfinished paintings, windows, shadow boxes, messes, paper scraps, ribbon, and the list goes on. I am very thankful that I have a mom and a sister coming into town this weekend and they are both people that will love me just the same if my house is filled with piles. Don't believe me when I say piles?

Girl means piles.

It looks like Hobby Lobby was taking a walk into the woods and decided to leave a trail of art supplies through my living room so she could find her way back to Franklin without getting lost in Antioch with no cell phone reception or flashlight after dark.

I have too many checklists running right now. Things I want to bring, things I still need to make, artwork I want to display, etc. My booth has not been built, but Mr. Hagen is working on that so I don't have to think about it. Mr. Hagen is also trying to switch shifts at work so he can help me set up my booth and drive me to the craft fair because I am still without car. And he needs to switch because, think about it, he is SCHEDULED TO WORK on Saturday. When I need his arm muscles and math skills (counting change is not really "my thing") and moral support.

So let's recap. Messes, lots of "unfinished" things, no car, no booth, no certainty on whether or not I have Dave's assistance on Saturday, no idea what I'm going to wear yet (which is normally what I obsess over before this kind of stuff), and the blatant fact that it's really my own doing and really my own habitual procrastination at fault. I actually wasn't even stressed until I started writing this blog post. Please excuse me while I find a paper bag.


Colson JAMS said...

You can do it!! I wish we could be there! Josh has a track meet in Memphis. We will get to one of your shows! Oh we should have t-shirts very soon! :o)

Anonymous said...

I feel a bit responsible for both the clutter gene and the procrastination gene.....sorry about that! But when I get to your house, I'm going to see my beautiful Steffy's smiling face, not paper scraps! Hope Dave gets the day off, but if not, we have four Missouri girls coming that can help. It's going to be WONDERFUL!!!!! LOVE YOU!!!!