Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I'm doing my best to get ready for the NashVegas Craft Fair on the 26th. And by doing my best, I mean twice a week I decide to get some work done and end up doing one or two projects. I've finished a few new journals and a few paintings and I've talked over the booth ideas with Dave, who just happens to be a very handy carpenter. And one of those times where I decided to get some work done, I accomplished three very sweet and summery paintings, of which I am quite pleased. They're not quite finished... finishing involves power tools, and quite frankly, I'm a bit too lazy to do that part just yet.

This color combination is everywhere right now and I want to use it on everything. These phone pictures dont' really portray the colors right (at least not on this computer) but they're what I would call gray, mint, salmon, and neon yellow. Those colors remind me of sorbet, and anything that reminds me of sorbet is a good thing. Plus, these little wood squares feel very homey to me. They're very "Missouri summer vacation" or something. I'm tempted to title them, "The Herzogs take a trip to the swingin' bridges and eat doritos and shoot fireworks but end up not camping because it was too humid outside."

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Anonymous said...

We Herzogs love our bonfires....and HATE the humidity! Great Title.