Monday, March 15, 2010

Pink and Spring and Other Things

This weekend was kind of a strange one. As in, I threw multiple temper tantrums, we skipped several "dates" that we had planned, and instead watched copious amounts of TV and had chips and salsa for lunch.

This weekend did have a couple of redeeming qualities, though. For example, new clothes. Some of you may know this about me: I am addicted to buying things. I don't spend a lot of money normally. Almost all of my clothing was less than $10 at the time of purchase. And only then if it's on sale. I have many, many items that were $5 or less. Thank heavens for Old Navy's clearance rack where one can buy such things as purple velvet pleated skirts for NINETY-SEVEN CENTS! And let's just pause to say, "Isn't that impressive?" Because that really deserves an "isn't that impressive," in my opinion. Ignore the fact that I have no occasion to wear a purple velvet pleated skirt and have never worn it, not even once for pretend.

About three years ago I bought a black and white paisleyish batik looking dress. It fit like a dream. Which is saying a lot. It was $7, so I bought it. Three years later, I decided that I should probably wear that dress since it fit so well, but I still was not a fan of the black and white paisleyish batik print. So, I bleached it. Three times. And it turned kind of orange and white. Which still wasn't great. So I got some pink and purple RIT dye, mixed it together, and dyed the dress. That still wasn't quite right, so I washed it in a load with a bright red rug that bleeds everytime it's washed. The dress now works. It's pinkish/coraly colored with tiny purpley/pink paisley, and I love it!

Plus, I made a fun "circus skirt," as I'm calling it (because it's very colorful and striped, and tent-shaped) out of a 1970's Sears and Reobuck fitted sheet. And since I have a reputation to uphold of being terrible at sewing, I messed it up just for you! But, thankfully, Lillian did some quick thinking and we turned said mess-up into a ruffle at the bottom, and what do you know, I like it better with a ruffle!

My new spring wardrobe is the ruffle on the mess-up that was this weekend.

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