Wednesday, March 17, 2010

25 Things That Make Me Smile #3

I'm a teensy bit overdue for my twice-a-year 25 Things list... and this week needs to be when that it posted. I need a little thankfulness and smiling up in here. Here we go!

25 Things that make me smile right now:

  1. What I have been calling "flash poetry." Which is kind of exactly what it sounds like. A very quick poem written without much thought and no editing. It's theraputic and I'm loving it. The process and the outcomes. These poems are actually decent!
  2. The band Mumford and Sons
  3. Google Analytics. I'm watching you.
  4. Hints of warmer weather
  5. Laughing with friends. CHEESEFEST, I know. But really, what could be better to do with friends?
  6. Light
  7. Truth
  8. Hope (These three are NOT no brainer smile points that I'm using as filler. They are things I'm working very hard to be thinking about several times a day right now. Light, truth, hope. Light, truth, hope. It feels good, doesn't it?)
  9. The multitude of newborns around me and the snuggling they are so happy to share
  10. FOOD NETWORK. I could watch it all day
  11. Weekends. oh weekends. Although, I admit, that is sort of just a sneaky way to say something I'm not all smiles about... so I'll do 26 things.
  12. Knowing I am about to meet 70 kids who will change my life
  13. My mentor, Katie
  14. Embroidery - one needle and thread project that doesn't make me pull my hair out
  15. A brand new paper craft project
  16. This song
  17. Giant families. Our church is full of huge families with 6 or more kids. I love watching them.
  18. 4 hour naps after very long and difficult weeks
  19. Spending Easter morning in a Haitian church
  20. Can I say light, truth, and hope again?
  21. Catching up on piles of work
  22. Both of the fall weddings coming up. Almost time for a new sister and new brother!
  23. Sidewalk chalk and bubbles in the culdesac
  24. Corned beef and cabbage. Yeah, I'm as shocked as you are that I like it. But I do... I really do.
  25. Finally going on a date with Dave tonight. Since we both ruined the prospects of dates last weekend. Yes, Dave... both of us. :)
  26. Finally seeing the sun this week after far, FAR too much gray sky.

What's got you smiling?

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