Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Itch

I have to get some artwork done as soon as possible. I'm having one of those, "I can't breathe in normal society" weeks and I just need to create something. The "norm" gets old and not quite exciting enough for me, and I have to start something new.

There's something about being an artist, for me, that means I get a little crazy at the start of something new. New opportunities, new seasons, new clothes - whatever it is that is new - I'm inspired and excited by it and itching to make progress. One newish thing in my life is THIS little surprise that I mentioned a few weeks ago. I LOVE IT. I so hope you do too.


Brian Herzog said...

I LOVE the web page! it feels really welcoming and fun! Great job!
Love ya

The Hagens said...

great job on it, Steph. Looks great and has your fun personality woven right in there. love it.