Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Peace in the Middle

Usually around this time of year, I can feel myself getting motivated. I notice it in the little things, like organizing craft projects, cleaning out closets, and eating healthier. This year? I'm no where near motivated. Life is chaos right now for me - and I am letting it get to me more than usual. My motivation has been replaced with stress and a general don't-wanna-do-it attitude. More often than not - it's hard to find peace.

Peace is something that I usually can generate after a few minutes of sitting still and quietly. Lately, I'm not able to pull that out of the messes. I'm dwelling on things that normally would roll right off me. Is this part of getting older? Is this just me forgetting to be thankful for the things that aren't stressing me out? When I'm stressed about something, I tend to shut down. Emotionally, physically, and mentally - and shutting down means holding in.

Here's hoping in the next few days I can regain my ability to find peace in the middle of life, stop holding in all the junk, and be honestly thankful for the good.

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