Monday, September 28, 2009

Twenty Days

Just realized this morning that it's been twenty days since my last blog post. This past couple weeks has been busy, but don't I always say that? Am I the only one who is sick of me saying that? I mean, everyone is busy, right? The month of September was, by far, the busiest week I remember having at my office and trying to get done ELEVEN! projects is just not happening. Not to mention, I volunteered for three more projects. Ahem. I really am a smart person sometimes. Sometimes.

Luckily, I finally had time to get some artwork done this weekend for a silent auction I agreed to help out with. I have a new painted window to submit - along with lots of business cards sitting near, of course. This window is actually my favorite yet and I plan to do many more with the same idea carried through.

Since my digitial camera has been laid to rest, here are some camera phone pictures...I know. I know. Terrible. But, I really like the window, and I want to share! The title of this window is River Stones.

It's metallic paint!


lillian said...

that's really pretty!!
i don't know what those projects could be that you volunteered for...

The Hagens said...

very cool!

Anonymous said...

Love the new piece-just realized how different it is with the different backgrounds-I LOVE it!