Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Restful Weekend


First, a brief customer service announcement...all 3 of you who commented this weekend are going to be getting a prize. But, please forgive me if it's not immediate. It will come. Now, on to our regularly scheduled programming.


What do you do when you have about eighty art and design projects going at once (none of which are income sources - I may add), 2 house guests, a dog-sitting arrangement, and a long holiday weekend? Well, I'm so glad you asked. You sit around the house in the midst of the chaos playing video games with your sister, you go to the drive-in theatre for the special holiday weekend triple feature, you have dinner out with friends...twice, and you refine your ignoring skills. (With the exception of feeding the dog of course.)

What do you do Tuesday morning when it hits you that you have done nothing? You panic. You look at facebook for a while, you check over your calendar, you get some good ideas for, you're not going to believe this, new projects to start and you panic.

I hope your weekend was as restful and as lovely as mine.


Anonymous said...

Hey-I resemble those remarks and actions! All we did was boat, sit around, eat, boat, sit around and eat some more! Was a fun weekend with Steve, Jen and the kiddos! But-panic at work today. One week gone from the office does not make a calm Sandi!

The Hagens said...

well, that is what I get for not checking my blogs over the weekend...o well, i guess I will survive missing out. :) But did want you to know that I do follow your blog, even though I missed it over the weekend. :) Love u guys and miss u!