Monday, December 14, 2009

Breathing In

This week will be busy. That' an understatement, I suppose, but I'm quite certain you're all experiencing some busy this week too. Most of all, I'm in yikes mode because of the ridiculous number of crafts I have yet to finish. But here's a quick rundown of what I've got in the next few days: finish/start/come up with ideas for 22 remaining Christmas gifts, attend 2 pre-school Christmas plays, host a miniature Christmas party for 4 kids (5 and under), clean the house and make cookies for the party, babysit, dogsit, go to my mentorship meeting, ignore the clunking, overheating, and check engine light in my car, and one last (hopefully) trip to Hobby Lobby.

Now here are a few things I'm thinking this week to keep me sane.

- My husband is great. He will help me if I ask him to. He doesn't know how to sew or make leather journals, but he's good at dishes and hugs... and I need that just as much.
- My friends will forgive me 1000 times over if I don't finish their gifts before Christmas.
- 9 days until I see my sweet, loving family again. Also 9 days to finish 22 projects. But mostly, 9 days until family time.
- These crafts are just accessories to Christmas.
- The King came to a stable as a perfect child so that I could have a life with meaning. I need to ignore the meaninglessness of shopping and packaging and cookie baking and really breath in the meaning of friends, family, sweet little faces, and giving.

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